Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hello (again...)

This blog has been laying dormant for far too long.

Thanks to everyone who's got in touch especially Hahn Rowe and Greg Fasolino - your contributions are warmly appreciated here gentlemen.

The links have been updated to the downloadables, following the demise of Mega/Multiupload. It was great to see people scooping them up from my other Blog - Big Plans For Everybody but here they are again in their 'rightful' place.

I'll have a look and see if I can find any other artefacts which would appeal to an HL fan, but if you have anything (live tape, article, flyer, poster etc), please let me know -I'd love to post it here.

Thanks again for stopping by



  1.'s Tim Sommer. Friend me on Facebook, unless we're friends already! Would love to contribute as well as fill in you on my new project. Many many thanks -- tim

  2. I never finished my history of the band, did I? I think I left off about the time Adam joined, right?

  3. Hi Ian - Just to let you know that, *miracle of miracles*, I've just unearthed paper printouts from the original 'Hugo Largo - Rare and Live WAVs' site that got taken down c. 1999. I don't have a scanner here, but will, at some point soon, transcribe the pages I have, so we'll have an idea at least, of what *was* once available. A truly unexpected find, and a quaint reminder of the days when people made hard copy of webpages :). May have some Melody Maker interview material too - will investigate further.

  4. I see that no one has commented here in a long time so I don't know if this is at all active. Is there any place that anyone knows to download Mettle. My old vinyl copy is all I have and it seems silly to buy the CD just to upload it to my computer. I'm happy to pay for it, I just can't find anywhere.

  5. ...the epic and ethereal Cornish band the Ascension plan will be completing a curious circle at the Minack Theatre, Porthcurno on the 2nd of May.
    Joined by Mimi Goese, of seminal art band Hugo Largo, the plan will be performing their collaborative singles "Buoy", and "Life, You Are", borne of a connection going back to the 90's, when singer/guitarist Martin Jackson was seconded onto this very stage to replace the homeward (New York) bound Mimi in the band Quietly Torn, Porl Thompson's post-Cure dream pop dream ticket supergroup, which also featured drummer Nick Mcleod. The plan's lineup is completed by Paul Adams' electric violin and the mercurial mungo shoddy on Bass.
    Providing harmonious support will be the massed voices of the 50 Degrees and introductory soundscapes will be performed by Axolotl.
    Show starts at 8pm and the tickets are generously priced between £5 and £11.50...

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