Tuesday, 7 February 2012


and welcome to this Hugo Largo blog.


When I first posted some rarities on my other blog 'Big Plans For Everybody', I had no idea what to expect. did anyone remember them? Did anyone still care? Well the answers were yes and yes. I was overjoyed to hear from HL founder Tim Sommer who very has kindly allowed me to reproduce his potted history of the band.

I see this site as a place where fans can share articles and reminiscences of the band and maybe a rarity or two. Available for download are the missing Sommer-less 'Third' album and some excellent KCRW material as well as a few other bits and pieces. In addition, there's a video of a superb show at Maxwell's in Hoboken NY on 18 07 1987 featuring some rare songs.

I'll be putting up some transcriptions of the handful of press interviews I have - check back shortly for those.

Please get in touch or comment - I'd love to hear from other fans with a story to tell or information and artifacts to share.




  1. ian, thank-you so so much for this treasure trove. i'm currently downloading *everything* as i type, and found you (to great joy) this morning during a conversation with a fellow fan after posting 'Second Skin' on my FB wall. my memories of the band are threaded through my adolescence, beginning with their rapturous reception in the Melody Maker (r.i.p.) and peaking with BBC2's broadcast of the ICA live show, at which point i was completely taken. and all this before i even begin to discuss the impact the albums themselves had on my life. in the early days of AOL (1997 or thereabouts), i struck up a dialogue with Mimi, and I think this may have contributed, inadvertently, to the original website offering 'Hugo Largo - Live & Rare WAVs' getting taken down. we lost touch until a few years ago (post-'Soak', post-Moby, pre-Ben Neill duo) and then exchanged a few more emails where she confessed how disenchanted she'd become with 'the industry' and how much she loved her new-found domesticity. i also shared a brief MicePace correspondence with Tim, where i think i may have gushed a little too much about their influence on me (and therefore scared him off. sorry, Tim x). simply for the opportunity to even *hear* the third album though, i'll extend a huge thank-you, and let's see what anyone else can offer the blog. i know that somewhere, in storage, i've got all the original UK music press articles and reviews, and would hope to be able to scan these in one day. for now though, you've fair made my day. THANK-YOU. dx

  2. Hi, stumbled on this blog today and what a discovery. My experience is probably not that different to yours mentioned - loved Hugo Largo from afar but unfortunately never got to see them live. So, barely an hour of music to go on but still listening 20 years and some later.

    When I first got access to the web, round about 98, I do remember a site with a pretty good selection of Hugo Largo stuff. Of course, back in the day, the concept of downloading hadn't really taken off so I didn't keep anything. Reading the comment above, it was probably that site which is mentioned.

    Thanks again. Steve