Tuesday, 7 February 2012


and welcome to this Hugo Largo blog.


When I first posted some rarities on my other blog 'Big Plans For Everybody', I had no idea what to expect. did anyone remember them? Did anyone still care? Well the answers were yes and yes. I was overjoyed to hear from HL founder Tim Sommer who very has kindly allowed me to reproduce his potted history of the band.

I see this site as a place where fans can share articles and reminiscences of the band and maybe a rarity or two. Available for download are the missing Sommer-less 'Third' album and some excellent KCRW material as well as a few other bits and pieces. In addition, there's a video of a superb show at Maxwell's in Hoboken NY on 18 07 1987 featuring some rare songs.

I'll be putting up some transcriptions of the handful of press interviews I have - check back shortly for those.

Please get in touch or comment - I'd love to hear from other fans with a story to tell or information and artifacts to share.