Sunday, 6 February 2011

Live at Maxwell's Hoboken 18th July, 1987

(Setlist courtesy of Greg Fasolino) have no idea how exotic 'Live at Maxwell's, Hoboken' sounds to a guy in provincial England....

Here, chopped into individual songs, is a  45 minute performance at the aforementioned venue. Fortunately for us, this was captured on video by Greg Fasolino and it somehow found its way via the Internet to my pathetically grateful PC. ain't gonna get shown on MTV and you do see quite a lot of the backs of peoples heads (albeit very cool, NY hipsters' heads) and it gets a little bit unintentionally Avant-Garde in places, but the audio is great. You do, however, get to see some of the greatest looking gear ever - just where did they get those ubercool basses? Oh yeah, the tunes are pretty good too -songs from both albums and a rarity or two. There is so little HL stuff on video that, in my world, this footage is a Very Important Thing. 

Thanks again to Greg (who did a great job, joking aside and I am absurdly grateful for it) and everyone who made this available.

Halfway Knowing

Shaking Your Head

Eskimo Song


Turtle Song



Wanted: Dead Or Alive

Jungle Jim


Second Skin


  1. i got very happy with the re-releases! it was great to have a chance to hear their stuff remastered! there's some way you would upload this video somewhere so i could download this? i like em a lot and would be very thankful.

    all good!

  2. Just for you Julio...


  3. Fantastic and THANK YOU...i've only seen the live at ICA clips on youtube.

  4. Can you please credit me? I am happy the tape is being disseminated but would like to be credited as the person who filmed it. Thanks!

    Actual setlist I took from the stage the night I shot the show:

  5. Hi Greengerg.
    Thanks for getting in touch and thanks for filming the show!
    I've credited you in the post and (I hope you don't mind...) used the scan of the set list too.
    Thanks again - this is fantastic stuff,

  6. Hello, I was copying my old 'Turtle Song' 12" onto the hard drive last night and on a whim Google'd Hugo Largo to see if anyone else remembered them... amazed to see how much there is, and it's a joy to know there are new songs that I haven't heard before. I saw them at the ICA back in the mists of time, a great show with three bands I felt privileged to be in the same room as. Then 'Mettle' came out, then... a sudden short obituary in the Melody Maker (I still have the article somewhere). So thank you for giving my obsession a new lease of life.

    I wanted to ask if the download links to this show can be re-upped? And while the ICA footage on YouTube is great, is there a copy of the four numbers or the whole show as a full single clip to watch anywhere? I remember Mimi doing something with an unravelling roll of tape during one song...


  7. I have recently uploaded the entire complete Maxwell's 1987 show, uninterrupted and in direct-from-the-original-videotape quality. Enjoy!